Thursday, April 18, 2024

QOTD: Trump's "Perverse Mindset" In Hush Money Trial


From conservative op-ed columnist Jennifer Rubin, for the Washington Post this morning, on the Malignant Loser's compulsion to intimidate jurors in his current Manhattan trial on election interference / hush money payments:

"Displaying his belligerence, bullying and showing disdain for rules will not endear Trump to the jury. But in Trump’s perverse mind-set, baiting the judge and even risking conviction in a 'rigged' trial, as he claims, might seem politically advantageous: The more he is punished, the more his supporters rally to his side. (Trump seems incapable of appreciating that this behavior pushes all other voters into the arms of his opponent.)

Whether deliberate or not, any further outbursts from Trump will leave Merchan little choice. After one warning, he cannot allow his courtroom to become a ring in Trump’s circus. If Trump keeps it up, Merchan eventually will be left no choice but to remove Trump, even for just a day.

As many who have observed him over the years have pointed out, Trump lacks any semblance of impulse control. If they’re right, Trump might very well find himself the first former president to spend a night behind bars."

Again, it's time to let the Malignant Loser know that more threats to the administration of justice in this trial will be met with time behind bars. 

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