Thursday, April 18, 2024

Tweets / Xeets Of The Day

Time for the Malignant Loser to spend the weekend at Rikers to concentrate his mind -- 



"Doing the right thing" is adverse to Putin-loving MAGA extremists -- 


Moscow Marge's performative "impeachment" stunt flops --

Now Moscow Marge has time to focus on other priorities -- 

Slava Ukraini! Now, get those weapons to Ukraine damn it -- 

Make MAGA Republicans pay for chaos at border, ordered by the Malignant Loser -- 



The delusional MAGA faithful have faith in their Orange Calf, even if he lacks faith --


And the nicknames keep coming -- 

Wow, you can get Gucci perfumes in the household cleaners aisle --


1 comment:

Mart said...

"Frankly, I'd rather send bullets to Ukraine than our boys."

Hey Moses, Senator Tammy Duckworth would like to have a word with you. Your fundie ass is showing again.