Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Bankruptcy Court To Sell Off "Infowars" Assets


The hateful, right-wing conspiracy mongering media outlet "Infowars" will be sold off to help satisfy a $1.5 billion settlement for repeatedly scurrilous lies about the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012. CNN has the details:

"Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ Infowars media empire will be shut down and sold off, a bankruptcy court-appointed trustee said in an emergency court filing Sunday, signaling the end of the notorious far-right outlet that Jones has used to spread dangerous misinformation and lies.

Earlier this month, a bankruptcy judge ruled that Jones’ personal assets would be liquidated to help pay off the nearly $1.5 billion he owes the families of victims of the Sandy Hook massacre. But at that time, the judge ruled Jones’ media company Free Speech Systems, the parent of Infowars, would not be liquidated partly because the process would be costly and lengthy.

The dismissal of the bankruptcy case against the outlet meant that the families were free to go after Jones’ assets, including Infowars, in state court. Since Jones is the owner of Free Speech Systems, a court appointed trustee was put in charge of the company.

The trustee wrote on Sunday that since being appointed, he 'began planning to wind-up (Free Speech Systems’) operations and liquidate its inventory.'(our emphasis)

The Sandy Hook parents can never be compensated enough for the pain caused by Alex Jones' vile lies that the massacre was staged by "actors." 

(photo: Jones blubbers on air. Screenshot)


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seafury said...

I don't really run in those circles, but isn't there a go fund me campaign to help poor Alex?
There might be a few bucks left over from helping the preznident to send Alex's way.