Thursday, June 20, 2024

Cannon's Latest Stall Of The Classified Docs Case

Tomorrow, Trump-appointed Federal District Judge Aileen Cannon will hear endless, lame arguments as to why the classified documents case against the Malignant Loser should be dropped over the legality of Special Counsel Jack Smith's appointment. It's a case where the Malignant Loser clearly stole classified documents from the White House and took them to his estate Merde O'Lardo, failing to secure them properly. Tomorrow's hearing is one of many defense-friendly hurdles that the Malignant Loser-friendly judge has put up to drag the trial out after the November elections. However, should Cannon rule that Smith's appointment -- and therefore the indictment he brought -- is illegal, the Department of Justice would likely seek Cannon's removal from the case due to her clear bias. From the Daily Beast:

"Last week, a band of conservative activists threw its support behind Trump, arguing that the real problem here is that the AG shouldn’t have plucked Smith from his job as an anti-corruption prosecutor in Europe, and instead should have tapped one of the nation’s active 93 Senate-confirmed U.S. Attorneys. The Trump-friendly argument conveniently says that 'nearly all the special prosecutors appointed during the past 40 years—aside from Smith and Robert Mueller—have been lawfully appointed.' [snip]

'It’s a trivial question that ought not to have any serious consideration at all. We’ve had numerous cases that have gone forward before, and it’s not a serious argument that’s being made,' he told The Daily Beast. 'The case has been unnecessarily delayed and it should be much farther than it is. Indeed, it probably should have gone to trial.' [snip]

Fast-forward to now, and Smith will be fighting to keep the case alive. If Cannon rules against him, legal scholars say he might have the ammunition he needs to finally request the judge’s recusal from the case.

But no matter what happens on Friday, Judge Cannon has already gotten what she wanted. The case has been pushed back so far that legal experts say it’s unlikely it will go to trial before the election."  (our emphasis)

Cannon needs to be sanctioned at some point for her incompetent and biased handling of this national security case against her patron. Sooner rather than later.

(photo: Felon and follower) 


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