Thursday, June 20, 2024

QOTD -- Imposing A Preferred Religious Doctrine


“We are preparing a lawsuit to challenge H.B. 71. The law violates the separation of church and state and is blatantly unconstitutional. The First Amendment promises that we all get to decide for ourselves what religious beliefs, if any, to hold and practice, without pressure from the government. Politicians have no business imposing their preferred religious doctrine on students and families in public schools.

“Louisiana’s communities and public schools are religiously diverse, yet H.B. 71 would require school officials to promote specific religious beliefs to which people of many faiths, and those of no faith, do not subscribe. Even among those who may believe in some version of the Ten Commandments, the particular text that they adhere to can differ by religious denomination or tradition. The government should not be taking sides in this theological debate, and it certainly should not be coercing students to submit day in and day out to unavoidable promotions of religious doctrine.

“All students should feel safe and welcome in our public schools. H.B. 71 would undermine this critical goal and prevent schools from providing an equal education to all students, regardless of faith. We will not allow Louisiana lawmakers to undermine these religious-freedom rights.” -- press release from the American Civil Liberties Union and associated groups, on the law just signed in Louisiana by MAGAt Christofascist Gov. Jeff "Jeff Davis" Landry, which requires all elementary, secondary and post-secondary public schools in that state to display the Ten Commandments in every classroom.  Landry had said "I can't wait to get sued" over the law, so his wait wasn't long.  He's counting on the illegitimate Republican Supreme Court with six ultra- conservative Catholic pols to somehow finesse the clear language of the establishment clause in the First Amendment and to allow the unconstitutional displays.  Regardless, Christofascist Republicans want to make this yet another culture war wedge issue during the 2024 campaign, with their notably pious "Christian" cult leader leading the charge.  This is where "Christian nationalism" is headed in this country.

Meanwhile, the ACLU summed it all up:  "Public schools are not Sunday schools."

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