Friday, June 14, 2024

Tucker Carlson's Bio Scratched

Ever since his inglorious booting from the Fux Network over the successful Big Lie lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems, fascist propagandist Tucker "Mothertucker" Carlson has been mostly adrift, appearing on "X" and popping up to do embarrassingly fawning interviews as he did with Russian war criminal Vladimir Putin. In the latest humiliation, Little, Brown & Company has cancelled the publication of Jason Zengerle's biography of Carlson. From Politico:

"According to several sources in the publishing industry who have followed the project, a combination of delays and the changes in Carlson’s once dominant media presence caused a loss of enthusiasm on the part of a publishing house going through its own internal tumult."

That Carlson's star has diminished considerably is obvious from his disappearance from cable and other media: who wants to touch a loose cannon who's more likely than not to spout lies or defame someone and prompt a lawsuit against the media outlet?

Despite the publishing company's decision to drop the project, it's being shopped by the author to other publishers who may be under the illusion that Carlson's still a hot property. Of course in Russia, where he's the Kremlin's pin-up boy for his effusive praise of Putin, Carlson's biography would be must reading if it's ever published.

(photo: Carlson and his cult leader. Sam Wenig / AP)


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