Friday, June 21, 2024

Weekend Music Twofer


How perfect is it that Beach Boys' founder Brian Wilson was born on the Summer solstice 82 years ago yesterday, since the sonic genius was responsible for creating an entire Music of Summer zeitgeist -- sun, surf, cars, and California?!  Recently placed in conservatorship, Wilson is considered one of the most influential and innovative songwriters and producers of the 20th Century.  When asked in 2015 what his favorite composition was, he responded "Darlin'" (sung by brother Carl, R.I.P.), which also happens to be one of our favorites, too.

We're also featuring another "summer sound" by a politically and socially active Philadelphia- area band now based in, where else, Los Angeles.  Mt. Joy has a single, "Highway Queen," which can only be described as rollicking, from an upcoming album (TBA).  Here they are performing it at LA's Troubadour.  Hope you enjoy.

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