Wednesday, March 14, 2007

* * * crickets chirping * * *

Remember the tempest a few weeks ago when the right wing, let by the infamous "Catholic League", went after two bloggers that had just signed on the the Edwards for President campaign? They were fiercely attacked by the League for anti-Catholic bigotry. Recently, Faux Noise channel's despicable Sean Hannity spoke to a Catholic priest, Thomas Euteneuer, and stated his support for contraception. When the priest argued back to Herr Hannity, he blasted the Catholic Church for the pedophile sex scandals and the level of corruption in the Church. You'd assume the Catholic League would then attack Herr Hannity for anti-Catholic bigotry, right? You'd be wrong. Over a week has passed, and nothing. Not surprising, though, when you check out the League's advisory board: Alan Keyes, Dinesh D'Souza, Brent Bozell, Linda Chavez, William Simon, Kate O'Beirne, and an assortment of right wing Rethuglicans. League President William Donohue (shown looking smug in photo) is affiliated with the right wing Heritage Foundation and the Washington Legal Foundation.

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