Saturday, March 17, 2007

Nothing to See Here. . .

It's a shame that the Washington Post's Dana Milbank snarkily sees the testimony of Valerie Plame in such a frivolous way. But then again, it's received wisdom at the ComPost's editorial page that 1) Scooter Libby is an all around great public servant, 2) Valerie Plame sent her husband, Ambassador Joseph Wilson, to Niger, 3) Wilson's a blowhard, and 4)there's really no underlying crime in the Plame/CIA/Niger uranium story. It's nothing about the Administration presenting lies in justifying the war in Iraq, nothing about outing a covert CIA official, nothing about continued cover up at the White House in an effort to protect Dead Eye Cheney and the Presidunce. Nothing like that at all. So keep moving, folks, nothing to see here. Nothing.

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