Friday, March 16, 2007

"People Have Hazy Memories"

Those were the words of Bush Press Suckertary Tony "Blows" Snow in today's White House press briefing when referring to White House participants in the fired U.S. attorneys scandal. Luckily, e-mails aren't so hazy. It appears through e-mails released to Congress, that "Al" Gonzales and "Turdblossom" Rove were discussing the firings as early as January 2005, undercutting Gonzales' claim of not being involved. The Rethugs are trying to spin this as "the President has the right to fire political appointees" hoping that the majority of the public will assume that's the issue. In reality, it's about using the power invested in U.S. attorneys to do political hatchet work on Democrats, to stop investigations of Rethug politicians, and to suppress Democratic voter turnout by "investigating voter fraud." Senator Shumer is on the trail, and it looks like good hunting ahead.

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