Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sen. Jim Inhofe, Crackpot Hero

Oklahoma Sen. Jim "I Got My Head" Inhofe, who is the most notable face of the oil and gas lobby in the Senate, isn't showing that face so much after his crackpot performance at yesterday's Senate hearing, starring Al Gore (see also Glenn "What I Don't Know" Beck piece below). In fact, as this exclusive Hackwhackers photo demonstrates, Sen. Jim is having a hard time extracting his head -- face and all-- from his ass. In his current situation, it's likely that something else will overcome Sen. Jim before the greenhouse gases do.

By the way, Sen. Jim is a favorite of the Rebunglecan corporate apologist Club for Growth, a group ostensibly supporting "traditional conservative economic values" (judging from the Club's positions, those would be rape and pillage, rather than social responsibility and corporate accountability).

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