Thursday, March 22, 2007

What He Doesn't Know, Indeed

Over-exposed wingnut dimbulb Glenn Beck (here seen manfully gripping his... er, "mike") likes to tell us "what I know" and "what I don't know." Remember his role in the Obama madrassas "story?" Or his referring to Hillary Clinton as a "stereotypical bitch?" Or Rosie O'Donnell as a "fat witch?" Merely a few recent examples of his reading from the hard right's talking points.

After seeing his CNN gas fest last night -- predictably bashing Al Gore's global warming testimony on the Hill-- it's clearer than ever that what doughboy doesn't know far, far outweighs what he does. Beck, you know, is of the "global warming is over-hyped and under-studied" school of flat earth wingnuts. He fears dealing with it would result in raising taxes! Waaaaaah! Poor Glenny's taxes might go up to help stave off a global catastrophe! We wouldn't want him to sacrifice, no, no!!

What Hackwhackers knows is that Glenn Beck would be over-compensated if he was doing this as volunteer work. What we don't know is why he continues to be employed by CNN and ABC.

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