Friday, May 25, 2007

Recycling Bin

The Daily Howler's report on one of the new books out on Hillary Clinton is right on target. The disreputable team of Van Natta and Gerth have individually indulged in political porn about the Clintons before, and there's nothing new here but the same questionable information and innuendo. The mainstream media will no doubt recycle it endlessly (any bets that Tweety Matthews will be cackling about it tonight?). Strange how with all of the oddballs among the Rethug candidates that the MSM keeps obsessing on the Clintons. Must be that they don't like Presidents who play with the truth. . .oh wait, then they'd be after Chimpy, too. Never mind.

UPDATE: As expected, Tweety was rolling around getting himself dirty in the new books on Hillary. You can tell when he's "excited" because the drool starts flowing.

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