Monday, July 16, 2007

Charge of the Right Brigade

As horrifyingly stupid as it seems, Dumbya and his boss, Dead Eye Dick Cheney, continue to spoil for a fight with Iran before Dumbya's term expires. Debates inside the White House between those that favor negotiations with Iran (State and Defense Departments) and military action (Dead Eye and crew) seem to be tilting toward the fanatic Cheney. Cheered on by chickenhawks like Sen. Lieberliar, the Kagan Klan, and Wee Willie Kristol, the Bushies are looking for a "Gulf of Tonkin" type trigger to claim self-defense and expand the war to neighboring Iran. The U.S. armed forces - - especially the Army and Marine Corps - - have not been meeting recruiting targets, and are extending combat tours in Iraq, ensuring the ultimate exhaustion of our forces at the time this Assministration and their right wing base wants to forge into Iran. And they say they support the troops.

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