Friday, July 13, 2007

Smell Something Burning, Rudy?

"America's Mayor", dress up queen, and urban legend, Rudy "McRomney" Giuliani, is getting slammed in a new video by the firefighters union, which is accusing him of shortchanging the firefighters' communications equipment in New York for years prior to 9/11. The firefighters say that this caused the death of over 100 firefighters, who were unable to receive orders to evacuate the World Trade Center before it collapsed. Also, Mayor Rudy apparently displayed the wisdom of locating the city's emergency communications center in the World Trade Center complex, despite advice to the contrary since this was a prime terrorist target.

Nice going, Rudy. Guess you were too distracted at the time by your, um, personal issues to hear the firefighters' pleas for the right equipment.

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