Saturday, July 14, 2007

Duck! Incoming Fire On The Right!

Signs that Rethuglican Party support for the Preznit's war in Iraq is eroding mounts every day. The latest: Senators John Warner and Richard Lugar are proposing a bill that would force Dumbya to redefine the mission so as to limit U.S. casualties. No one is taking bets that the Preznit will come to his senses and go along. In fact, there's every indication that Dumbya is going to put a smiley face on Gen. Petraeus's upcoming report. Why do you think he wants everyone to wait for Petraeus's report if he didn't think he could get additional mileage out of it? The report's already written to support further "surging", regardless of reality.

Unlike Dumbya, Warner and Lugar have been around for a number of years, and know a dead fish when they smell one. (Bonus question: Is Dead Eye napping in the photo accompanying the linked NY Times story?)

UPDATE: Uh oh. Now Iraqi PM Maliki says we can leave any time. What say you, Chimpy?

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