Sunday, July 15, 2007

Gilmore (Who??) Bows Out

Comes word that former Rethug National Chairman and Gov. James Gilmore (Rethug-VA) is dropping out of the crowded Rebunglecan presidential field. Gilmore, whose only contribution to the race was his right-on sobriquet "Rudy McRomney" for three of his rivals (we'll keep that one alive for you, Jimbo!), is dropping out due to lack of funds. Gilmore is reportedly thinking about making a run for state office, a thought which must be causing many Virginia Rebunglecans' sphincters to tighten in mortal fear, given the low (Dumbya-level) esteem in which Gilmore was held when he left office. Jimbo, those voices you heard demanding that you run for president? They're the same ones you're hearing now demanding that you run for office in Virginia.

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