Thursday, July 5, 2007

No Law and Order

It's amusing to see likely Rethuglican Presidential candidate Fred "Rented Red Pickup" Thompson cheering Scooter's "get out of jail" commutation from the Obstructer in Chief. This from a guy that was on "Scooter's" infamous defense fund advisory board (along with fellow reptilians Mary Matalin, Bill Bennett and Marty Peretz). The "authentic", manly Mr. Thompson - - who Tweety and other Beltway jock sniffers swoon over - - apparently believes it's OK for Rethuglicans to commit perjury, and be convicted by a jury, and then walk free in order to keep the lid on the corrupt White House campaign to smear war critics and manufacture bogus rationales for the war. Luckily, 60 percent of Americans disagree, according to a SurveyUSA poll.

But then, this Assministration is famous for not listening to the majority of Americans.

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