Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Eye on Couric

"America's Sweetheart," Katie Couric, recently filed a series of "reports" from Iraq that amounted to a regurgitation of Bush Assministration propaganda on the surge, sectarian violence, etc. posted a video exposing Couric's lazy, obsequious and frankly stupid stylings and lo! when it was pointed out to the folks at CBS, they didn't like it. Couric, who will never be a journalist, should stay away from complex and profound topics like Iraq. She has enough trouble producing (i.e., overseeing someone else writing) her banal 60-second "Journal" on CBS Radio; that's about the limit of her capacity for detailed "reporting" and "analysis." (h/t to FDL)

Photo of Katie Couric - right back at ya, Katie!

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