Thursday, September 13, 2007

Not Fallon For The Surge

In an interesting sidebar to the Gen. Petraeus show this week, Think Progress notes that Admiral William Fallon, supreme commander of our forces in the Middle East - - and Petraeus' boss - - has been notably absent from the Presidunce's roll-out of his "the surge is awesome" show. Even more interesting is Admiral Fallon's view of Petraeus, whom he referred to as an "ass-kissing little chickenshit." There's apparently a dustup continuing in the Pentagon between Petraeus and senior military officers, most prominently Adm. Fallon, due to their opposite philosophies over the war and military readiness. Pentagon brass are referring to the conflict internally as "Armageddon."

Senator Jim Webb will be calling on the Senate Armed Services Committee to hear from Admiral Fallon on his "views." Keep the kids away from the TV. Heh heh.

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