Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"Calling Dr. Phil, Tweety Needs You!"

Think Progress documents Chris "Tweety" Matthews' continuing, pathological obsession with the "Clenis". He's saying that Sen. Clinton's successes are a result of Bill Clinton's philandering. Without any shred of evidence backing his claim. Please follow the link at the end of Think Progress' post to understand how much this hack is obsessed with the Clintons' sex life.

Tweety needs an intervention. His "Hardball" shows are an endless smear-fest against the Clintons in specific, and Democrats in general, while he swoons endlessly over the "manly" Foghorn Thompson and Walnuts McCain as "real men" and heroes worthy of his goofy praise. It was painful to watch him with Keith Olbermann last night, as Tweety went off into one of his rhapsodies about Walnuts' heroism, after Walnuts' flat victory speech was mocked by everyone as being a patchwork of platitudes assembled from his staff.

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