Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"He'll Say Anything To Win"

Newsweek's Jonathan Alter has a nice recap of Willard Flip/Mousse/Mutt Mitt Romney's victory in his home state of Michigan. The bottom line is this political chameleon is changing his "persona from a panderer to an outsider" to appeal to people disaffected with Washington. (Strange, but I thought that, except for the last year, the Rethuglicans were in control of the White House for 6 years, and Congress for 12 years). As the article points out, this is comical for a second generation politician, whose father became a lobbyist, who is the classic country club Rethuglican.

The one factor that distinguishes Willard is his deep pockets; he can spend his own money in the "Super Tuesday" states, and potentially walk off with the majority of delegates. As Alter says, "he'll spend anything, and say anything to win. . ."

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