Thursday, January 31, 2008

Is Mittens Quittens on Us?

It's very doubtful, but there are reports being circulated that Willard "Mousse/Mutt/Flip-flop/Slick Mitt" Romney might be trimming his campaign back for Super Tuesday. His campaign hasn't bought major airtime in the states holding primaries on February 5, and his campaign appears to be in growing disarrary, according to these reports. Saving his moolah to pass on to his five enlistment-eligible sons.

Willard, the most obvious political chameleon of this election cycle, gave a somewhat defensive and lackluster performance in Wednesday's Rethuglican debate at the Ronnie Raygun Center for the Glorification of Ronnie Raygun. His bazillions that he's spent in the quest for the Rethug nomination haven't gotten him too much more than a few "silver medals" in the primaries. Maybe once the Rethugs get around to nominating Walnuts! McCain, once-moderate-now-ultra conservative Willard will experience yet another fundamental change in political philosophy and run on the Communist Party ticket.

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