Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chesapeake Primary Day Postscript

The icy, rainy weather didn't keep the Democratic crowds down in Maryland, DC, or Virginia. It was a clean sweep for Sen. Obama, and not just that. It was a rout, with Obama garnering a minimum of 60% of the vote in each jurisdiction. His speech last night in front of a full house of 18,000+ at the Kohl Center in Madison, WI, was enough to generate some straight, middle-aged, white goosebumps for this Hackwhacker. Talk about transcending race, gender, politics, what-have-you!

This week features contests in Hawaii and Wisconsin, both of which Obama is expected to win. It will be difficult for the Clintonistas to turn around the momentum he's building in every region of the country, among all demographics.

Another reason to rejoice: progressive Democrat Donna Edwards unseated Rep. Al "No" Wynn (Hack-MD) by a substantial margin in the 4th Congressional District. This Hackwhacker is 2-for-2!

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