Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Rethug Crime Blotter, U.S. and Canadian Chapters

Politico is reporting on the latest example of Rethug sticky fingers (not of the Larry Craig variety, though). Seems Christoper Ward, the former National Republican Congressional Committee treasurer, who its been previously reported forged an NRCC audit during the 2006 campaign, may have been covering up financial improprieties going back several years before that. Rep. Tom Cole (Rethug-OK), who runs the NRCC, and other high-ranking NRCC Sherlocks have hired a forensic auditor to find out what might have taken place under their clueless gaze during Mr. Ward's tenure. The FBI is investigating the matter for possible fraud and other financial irregularities.

Proving that sticky fingered right-wingers know no international boundaries, word has come that former Canadian Conservative Party Prime Minister, and Bush family BFF, Brian "A Disgrace to a Fine First Name" Mulroney is under investigation for taking payments from a German Canadian businessman, Karlheinz "A Disgrace to a Fine First Name That Sounds Like a Wiener" Schreiber. Mulroney maintains these "payments" took place after he left office, and were not delayed kickbacks from deals Schreiber made with the Canadian government while Mulroney was PM. We have confidence the Mounties will get their hoser.

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