Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday News Roundup

Crazywing spoiler Ralph "I'm Still Relevant" Nader announced he's running for president as a third-party (Loons?) candidate. Poor Ralph (pictured at left with our prediction of the number of votes he'll get this time around). The dotty, 73-year-old egomaniac thinks he's leading a parade. Let's see how many state ballots he gets on.

Also today, the WaPo joins with the RNC and its willing handmaidens in the MSM to begin its effort to de-construct Barack Obama. You know the familiar pattern: first the media is enthralled with a candidate; then it becomes sensitive to (Rethuglican) criticism that it has swooned; then to reestablish its creds (with the Right), it begins the skeptical, de-mythification process. Today was the WaPo's "Barack, we hardly knew ye" day, with two articles (the one above and one nearly identical by Chris Cillizzard and Shanunu Murray) and a Broderesque editorial ("The Obama Enigma") wondering where, oh where, would Obama lead us, asking "So is Mr. Obama a standard liberal clad in the soothing language of inclusiveness?" The WaPo (Hiatt, Broder, or Gerson?) may not have noticed, but "standard" liberalism is a political philosophy of tolerance and inclusiveness; it's the right wingers that want to cast everything into an us-or-them format, that seek to divide and polarize. What is it about the last 7 --hell, 15-- years that these numbnuts don't get?

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