Monday, March 3, 2008

WaPo: Not Very Bright Either

We've had problems with the Washington Post in the past, mainly over their neocon editorial positions favoring more and more war in Iraq, cheerleading for Scooter Libby, and a notable drift to the right in the past decade. But in yesterday's Outlook section, the WaPo published one of the most cringe-worthy articles ever, a goofy piece by Charlotte Allen entitled in part "How Dumb Can We Get." Allen, who is with the right-wing and misleadingly named outfit "Independent Women's Forum", drags out every tired cliche about "dumb women" in her piece, especially those who faint at Obama rallies. It represents a perfect example of why right-wing conservatives shouldn't get the vote of any woman who respects herself. I'm sure she sang a different tune when the object of wingnut affection was Ronnie Raygun.

Please check out some of the reactions to Allen's article, and to the WaPo's decision to publish it: Matt Yglesias, Obsidian Wings, and the excellent demolition job by Feministing.

BONUS: Jezebel has the last word.

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