Monday, June 30, 2008

"Only Bush and Rove Can Attack McCain's Military Record"

We missed "Face the Nation" this weekend, on which Gen. Wesley Clark made this mild and quite accurate statement concerning St. John McBush: "I don't think getting in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to become president." One doesn't get executive experience either from the sensation of bailing out of a fighter or spending time in a North Vietnamese prison. It would qualify you as a patriot and hero, but not necessarily pass muster as commander-in-chief material. That's all Gen. Clark was saying.

You would think he'd called St. John a "mooslim" who wanted to bring all his relatives from Africa over here illegally, given the immediate move to Defcon 4 in the McBush campaign, wingnut media and their willing handmaiden, the "main stream media." NBC/MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell has been breaking out, anew, and clutching her pearls all day. CNN's Rick "The Prick" Sanchez, for example, asked, "Did Wesley Clark pull a Swift Boat on John McCain today?" Uh, no 'tard, he didn't. We know who was Swift Boated, and by whom. By the way, we also know that McBush has brought on Bud Day, one of the Swift Boaters, to help with his "truth" squad - we see a huge contradiction there, St. John.

But, thanks to Firedoglake, we can return to yesteryear and see who's allowed to question St. John's military record. Swift Boat that, Rick!

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