Monday, June 23, 2008

Wee Willie Kristol, Too Proud To Serve

Salon's Alex Koppelman points out the hypocrisy of neocon chickenhawk William "Wee Willie" Kristol, who devotes his column in today's New York Times to the anti-McSame ad depicting a mother who won't let her child serve in Iraq in the future. Self awareness didn't stand in the way of Wee Willie when he wrote his piece. The fact is that Wee Willie thought that he had better things to do than serve in the military (like 5 Deferment Dick Cheney), and was a leading cheerleader to send other peoples' family members off to Iraq. The smarmy little creep hasn't sacrificed anything, and never will, but he'll see to it that you do the sacrificing for him. That's the neocon chickenhawk credo.

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Brian said...

What a douche!!

Thanks Hackwhackers, for keeping me informed about the assholes of the world!