Wednesday, July 30, 2008

About That McSame Ad. . .

The McSame ad that makes the false claim that Obama didn't want to visit with wounded vets has been running on cable news outlets for the past 3 days, but was only running on stations in Denver and D.C. Obviously, the McSame campaign fed it to the media to get some free air time, and it worked. But there's been some fact checking, and McStraightTalk doesn't look so pure any more.

He's also letting his "great guy" image slip, looking far more tense and angry now that he's stuck in the low 40s. His Rovian campaign team (Herr Schmidt and others) are returning to the slime book that has served Rethug presidential candidates for so many years. "Say anything to win; if called on a lie, deny and deny." We'll see how long St. John McStraightTalk can fool people.

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