Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hit By GOP Stupid Stick, Public Responds

(This post will self-destruct in the event of an Obama rebound in the polls.)

Well, it looks like the smear campaign waged all summer by St. John McBush, combined with a Kerryesque refusal to respond in kind, has led to Sen. Obama falling behind in the polls. Buttressing this, Reuters/Zogby has a poll showing McBush leading nationally by 5%. Robert Arena over at Americablog has a fine analysis.

Here's my abbreviated "analysis": Although the Obama campaign has been saying all summer they would not let McBush's campaign define their candidate in the same way Turdblossom and the (not-so) Swift Boaters defined President Kerry in 2004, they've let it happen anyway. To them, it's been all about running a "different kind of campaign" that appeals to the intelligence and desire for change in the American public. Well, after 2 months of "celebrity- Britney- Paris- presumptuous- elitist- tax- unpatriotic- he's a secret Muslim" nonsense, the same American public that's just started tuning into the campaign has absorbed what the Rethugs wanted them to absorb (with a major assist by the "mainstream media"). Meanwhile, Adlai... er Barack's high-toned, front-runner campaign has responded all-too-late, and still not at the emotional, personal level it will take to bring this phony plutocrat and his hypocritical party down.

Come on!! We need a gut-fighter to take on these SOBs, for God's sake! Give us one!

(Image: Average low-information voter Cletus Spuckler, siding with a man the teevee ads say he can relate to: that would be mega-millionaire, tax breaks for Big Oil, 4 more years of economic war on the middle class, etc., McBush!!)

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