Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pushing Back

The Obama campaign released a new ad that punctures the "maverick" image the McBush campaign has tried to create. And for the first time, an Obama ad uses the "L" word - - lie - - to describe their claims. Most in the mainstream media won't call lies what they are, preferring to say that McBush & Co. are "stretching the truth" or "exaggerating." However, the conservative Wall Street Journal is the latest to call out the McBush campaign for the whopper about Gov. Who?'s "opposition" to the Bridge to Nowhere. And there are more distortions and lies about the records of McBush and Who? to be exposed and debunked. It just needs an independent press that isn't afraid to put down McBush's barbeque ribs, stop putting facts and lies on an equal footing, and do their jobs.

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