Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Rethug Patriots

John Cole as a nice rundown of the countless times Rethugs have cynically questioned the patriotism of Democrats for political advantage, even though some deny it. Now wingnuts are rising in phony outrage, claiming it's the Dems that are doing the namecalling. They took offense when the excellent Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm of Michigan blasted the obstruction of the Senate Rethugs on the auto loan effort as "un-American" and "unpatriotic." But she had it absolutely right, as Cole notes:

". . .I would like to ask folks how they would describe sitting U. S. Senators actively working with foreign auto manufacturers to drive down the wages of American labor because their states have heavy investments from foreign companies."

Senators Corker (R-Nissan), Shelby (R-Honda), and McConnell (R-Toyota) don't care about America losing its industrial base, and care even less about Americans losing their jobs permanently.

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