Friday, January 2, 2009

A Burris Under The Saddle

Is there a bigger fall guy in American politics today than Illinois' Roland Burris? Illinois Gov. Rod "Hair Clown" Blagojevich, who cynically appointed him to fill the soon-to-be-vacant Senate seat of President-elect Obama, is hoping for a last laugh before he's indicted, convicted and jailed. Sadly, instead of turning down the tainted offer, as did other Dems, Burris accepted, apparently because it's his last chance at "glory" that's eluded him for years. The guy even has a grandiose cemetery monument ready with his accomplishments to date chiseled in stone.

There are reports that Burris may try to enter the Senate chamber next Tuesday, when new Senators are sworn in. Senate leaders are vowing to bar him from the chamber, but the circus created will certainly cause an big uproar. Expect the Rethugs to smirk and play the righteous party, the racial extortionists to cry foul, and the Senate Dems to mess up the situation further.

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