Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is Winky Going Rogue. . .Again?

Alaska Gov. Winky You Betcha has surprised the wingnut community by turning down an invitation to be the prime attraction at their upcoming poo festival. The Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) was expecting Winky at their annual crap throwing contest, along with such prominent wingnuts as Newt "Poot" Gingrich and (M)Ann Coulter.

Last month, Winky blew off House Rethuglicans who wanted her to give them a pep talk during their tantrum over the economic stimulus bill. Winky indicated she had pressing duties back in Alaska, but showed up in Washington to attend some high profile events, including the Alfalfa dinner. Does this mean that Winky would prefer palling around with "terrists" rather than associating with Real Americans? We know one Real American who would be happy to stand in for Winky: America's favorite jackass-of-all-trades, Joe (actually Samuel) the Plumber (actually a non-licensed supply contractor). Can't get more "real" than him.

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