Friday, May 15, 2009

Pelosi vs. MSM

Villagers. Kool Kids of Beltway High. Stenographers for Wingnuttia. Call them what you will, but they certainly have a stiffy for Rethug talking points. Or, as Atrios puts it, "Republicans still rule their world." The torches are lit and the "mainstream media" are marching toward the Castle Pelosi, past the torture chambers of Duke Dick, past the non-existent bridge between al-Qaeda and Saddamville, happy morons taking fresh torches from the smiling Rethugs lining the road.

(Photo: "Oooohooeee-eeeee-oooo-aaahhhhaaaahhhoooo-eeeee! Another press release from Poot the Rethug thinker! Must re-type!")

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