Monday, June 8, 2009

An Odd List

WaPo's Chris Cillizza likes lists. His "The Fix" column regularly features them, usually a list of best/ worst odds, who's up/ down, etc. Pretty much everything that's wrong with the Beltway Kool Kids' approach to politics. Today, Cillizza graces us with his list of "GOP Power Players," "five people with the most influence over the direction of the party." Who's on the list might surprise you, just as who isn't on the list might. Here's Cillizza's most influential (without the commentary in the column):

5. Dick Cheney
4. Bob McDonnell
3. Haley Barbour
2. Newt Gingrich
1. Mitt Romney

Pause for a moment... OK. First, any list of influences without The Fat One is bogus. Limpballs rules! And Bob McDonnell (!!!!) has more influence than Winky Palin?? I'll take that bet. Chris needs to get out of the Post newsroom more often.

His estimation of Haley Barbour, governor of backwater Mississippi, exceeds all plausible explanation, except one that includes Barbour as one of Cillizza's regular sources, one whose ego needs to be massaged on a periodic basis. And we know Cillizza has long had a man-crush on Willard "Mittens/Muff/Mousse" Romney, but "most influential?" Come, come Cillizza! While most Rethugs are climbing over themselves to kiss Limpballs ring, you're the only one kissing Mittens' ass.

(Photo: Chris Cillizza ("Huh, wha? Time to kiss Mittens' ass again?"))

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