Monday, June 29, 2009

Oxymoron of the Week: Wingnut Responsibility

It's been noted how the likes of "Pills" Limpballs and Mark "Franken!" Steyn have blamed libruls, Dimmycrats and more specifically "Messiah Obama" for the failings of their own. Pandagon has an amusing piece "I Kicked You in the Nuts Because of Bernie Sanders" that examines the pathological inability of wingnuts to take responsibility for their actions. Why should this be surprising, after all? Clearly they've constructed their own alternate reality where up is always down, in is always out, and dammit! there's nothing wrong with conservatism that a stronger dose of laissez-faire, enrich the rich, let them eat cake, never compromise policies can't solve. "What economic collapse? What adultery? What health care crisis? Oh, those are all someone else's fault because they can't be ours!"

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