Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bachmann Turns Up Over-Fried

Wingnut extraordinaire Michelle "The Loon" Bachmann (Wingnut-MN) has delusions that the Dems are "after her" because she. . .*cough cough snicker snicker*. . .might become President one day.
"They want to make sure no woman becomes President before a Democrat [sic] woman. They're doing everything they can to sabotage women like Sarah Palin, perhaps women like myself. . ."

Of course, we can't think of two more highly qualified Rethugs than The Loon and Winky You Betcha, and we'd love to see them on the national Rethug ticket together, especially for the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates. The Loon could debate the "Hoot Smalley" bill -- or "Poot Smelly" bill, or. . .nevermind -- and her idea of investigating Congressional Democrats to see how "pro-American" they are, while Winky could talk about her achievements as Governor of Alaska. Ten seconds should be enough time.

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