Monday, September 21, 2009

Big Surprise

Daily Kos has picked up on a nugget in a NY Times story on Wingnuttia's latest hero, James "O Crap" O'Keefe, whose videos have targeted ACORN. Asked why he targeted ACORN, O Crap said it was because ACORN registers minority voters who are likely to vote against Rethuglicans.

It's been a rule of politics for almost 80 years that large voter turnouts favor Democrats, and low turnouts favor Rethuglicans. That's why the Bushit Justice Department was so aggressive in trying to get its U.S. Attorneys to trump up "voter fraud" cases, and why so much Rethug effort is spent in every election to suppress the vote, particularly in minority districts. Spreading lies that voters can vote the day after election, putting up false information about where to vote, intimidation at polling places, and other Rethug fraud are always the games played. O Crap is just the latest in the scurrilous line.

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