Monday, September 21, 2009

Get Thee to the Fainting Couch!

The always unintentionally amusing Peggy "Piggy" Noonan, former Ronnie Raygun wordsmith and current op-ed doyenne of the Wall Street Journal, had the vapors during ABC's This Week yesterday in describing President Barack Hussein Osecretmuslim's terrifyingly frequent appearances on TV. Check out Wonkette's coverage of Piggy's strained umbrage, and her exaggerated facial expressions and schoolmarmish "concerned" persona. What a hoot!

Yes, Piggy, Barack Hussein Blackman will be appearing frequently on your TV to remind you that the golden days of yore are no more (how poetic). The fact that your side lost the election big time last November gives him the right to torment "concerned" wingers like you by his frequent appearances. Deal with it.


(photo: Piggy striking a "thoughtful" pose. Keep pulling your chin, Piggy, it'll make you wise some day. . .)

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