Monday, September 14, 2009

A Blubbering Beck Breakdown?

Those pathetic enough to need a daily dose of mental case Glenn "Boo Hoo" Beck's hate sandwich heard him declare last week that a "Big Thing" would be announced on his crappy program this week. So what was that secret plan that Boo Hoo wants his goofy listeners to follow? Send stink bombs to the 60+ advertisers that have dropped him like a warm turd? Drum roll, please. Quarantine Washington, D.C.!

Boo Hoo wants no one going to D.C. and no legislation out of D.C. until both parties have cleaned up their acts. It's going to be an eternity for the Rethugs to clean themselves up, so Boo Hoo's sheeple will be in for a long siege. Even some wingers are wondering if Boo Hoo is in a manic cycle now, and close to a sobbing, depressive breakdown of epic proportions on national TV. Get the straightjacket ready, Fuxers, you're going to have a problem on your hands.

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