Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Debatable Debating

One of our major frustrations has been the relative passivity of the Obama Administration in the face of right-wing smears and disinformation that have escalated in the past few months. The President's poll numbers were a casualty of his Administration's virtual silence during the onslaught of Rethug disinformation on health care throughout the summer, culminating in the manufactured outrage by wingnut activists who showed up at town hall meetings.

Now, according to the WaPo, the Obama Administration is "debating" how to respond to the virulent smears. "Debating"? The fact that they're debating how to respond at this late date is itself an indication that they haven't figured out that the wingers don't, and never will, respond to calls for bipartisanship or civility. The Marquess of Queensbury rules should be discarded when the other side shows up with knives. Americans admire civility, but they also want their leaders to stand up for what they believe and not let falsehoods linger until they become part of the conventional wisdom. Oh, and staying on defense constantly isn't wise either; get out in front of an issue for a change and control the message.

Let's knock off the debate, and get moving.

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