Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Former (Vice) President The Dick would like everyone to believe that he held back the al Qaeda hordes by leading us into a diversionary war in Iraq and by pushing torture methods. The evidence remains that no actionable intelligence was obtained through torture, as stated by the CIA Inspector General and FBI interrogation specialists -- and the practices actually helped al Qaeda in their recruitment and propaganda efforts. Nice work, The Dick.

It now appears that The Dick almost sabotaged Britain's efforts to round up the terrorists that were plotting to blow up airliners over the Atlantic. The Dick ordered the arrest of Rashid Rauf, a key operative in the plot, before British law enforcement had a chance to collect necessary evidence against his co-conspirators. "It hampered our evidence gathering and placed us in Britain under intolerable pressure," according to Andy Hayman, Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police for Special Operations. Again, nice work, The Dick.

(photo: The Dick in deep thought during an anti-terrorist briefing)

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