Sunday, October 25, 2009

Faux Outrage Over Faux News

Joe Conason's article in Salon is a terrific rebuttal to the right wing pundits and the Jake "Tippy" Tapper-style apologists who want us to believe that Fux News is a legitimate news organization, rather than an arm of the Rethuglican Party. He's especially good at reminding them what Nixonian hatred of the press really was, and that it's ironic that some defenders of Fux work for the newspaper that Nixon tried to bring down: the Washington Post. Fux News founder and president Roger Ailes was a Nixon operative, and was one of legendary smear merchant Lee Atwater's colleagues in the Rethuglican apparatus. As Conason notes:
"The objective for Ailes. . .is not fairness or balance. The objective is to win by whatever means necessary. That includes marketing himself and his employees as high-minded truth seekers and innocent victims of snotty liberalism -- much in the mode of old Nixon."
Read the whole article to get a true sense of how misguided the "outrage" over outing Fux as a partisan organization really is.

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