Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Done, Baby, Done

Wingnuts were absolutely sure that they had the NY 23 district race in the bag with their Conservative Party standard-bearer Doug "Crazy Eyes" Hoffman. But the voters had a different message for the know-nothing candidate, who didn't even live in the district: we're not ready for your type of crazy. Dem Bill Owens was elected. Rethug wingnuts from Winky You Betcha to Gov. Tim "Bad N'" Pawlenty lined up behind Crazy Eyes because the Rethuglican candidate was too moderate for them. Using her policy platform -- Facebook -- Winky fired out her pre-election message: "Doug, Baby, Doug." Missed it by two letters. . .

Message to the wingers: please, please keep following this "straterg-y" in all future elections, so that you drive more and more Independents and moderates away from your far right Party, and so that more Dems are elected. Please!

(photo: Crazy Eyes was rejected for a role in "Men Who Stare At Goats.")

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