Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Erections

Expect the mainstream media to make mountains out of today's off-cycle election molehills. What they won't get into -- because they need to stay superficial -- is that both McDonnell in Virginia and Christie in New Jersey ran campaigns that were generally moderate Rethuglican pap; neither wanted snowbilly queen Winky You Betcha campaigning for them, and Christie ran ads that had images of President Obama in a favorable light.

That won't stop the MSM nitwits from ginning up phony excitement if Rethugs win in Virginia and New York's 23rd district (where they've held office virtually since the Civil War -- the Union vs. the Confederates, not the Rethugs vs. themselves). The theme? Obama needs to trim his sails because "real America" is wary of his progressive agenda. Thus creating yet another phony MSM "issue": after 10 months in office, is President Obama finished? Either way, Rethugs win, Dems lose.

Odd how we didn't see the same nonsense after Dumbya's first 10 months (9-11, 9-11, 9-11!!!)

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