Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Politico Plays Softball With The Dick

"Politico" stenographers Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei (former Kaplan Daily "reporters," whoda thunk it?!) have conducted a double knob job, er, interview with former VP Dick "Dick" Cheney, subject: Barack Hussein Hitler Obama and his failed Afghanistan policy (yet to be announced). You have two options: check out Kos' take, or check out Wonkette's. Better yet, check them both out! Unfortunately, the transcription does not provide the slurping and sucking sounds emanating from the stenographers as they "take" "dick"- tation (pardon the lame puns). Way to do your jobs, "men!"

(Photo: "Are you two finished yet? C'mon hurry it up - I don't have all day!")

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