Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mass. Casualties

You have to hand it to the Rethugs and their recruited army of teabaggers: they aren't afraid of sticking it to the big, bad Dems. Just one year after Obama's inauguration, they've convinced a sizeable number of 'Murcans that returning to the policies that got us into the protracted mess we're in is the right thing to do. And you have to wonder when the Dems will get that spine implant they've so desperately needed for so many years. Trying to be all things to all people makes you weak; if you stand for everything, you stand for nothing. Where the Dems are being described today as "running scared" the Rethugs are defiant and pushing back.

Massachusetts is being touted by the cable gasbags as the end of Obama's agenda. Not once have we heard any discussion of the monolithic obstructionism and falsehoods employed by Rethug politicians that's stalled most of Obama's initiatives. According to the Villagers, it's the Dems and Obama who need to be more "bipartisan," given the vote in Massachusetts. Of course, we know in advance that the Rethug agenda is not to cooperate, but to bring Obama down -- to make health insurance reform his "Waterloo" in the memorable phrase of SC Rethug Jim "Demented" DeMint. Guaranteed the Rethugs will be even less likely to work with the Dems; they've been emboldened by the recent elections in VA, NJ and now MA.

Stay tuned and see if the Dems get the message, and get a spine.

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