Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Right-Wing Canard Implodes

With the "underwear bomber" now cooperating fully with the FBI (after being read his rights), it's worth remembering the dishonest and hypocritical blathering of the right wing which wanted to take him to Gitmo and waterboard him. Terrorists Zacarias Moussaoui and Richard Reid were tried and convicted in Federal court during the Dumbya/The Dick reign, and there was not a peep from these same right wingers. It appears that since Obama's inauguration, they've lost faith in the American justice system. Couldn't possibly be anything political. . . .

It's also worth reading the statement of Federal Judge William Young, who presided over the conviction of Reid. If you treat these pathetic nutjobs as the "soldiers" that they imagine themselves to be, it only gives credibility to their sick actions. They want to be seen as soldiers in a holy war fighting America and her military, not as the mass murderers that they are. The right wing hasn't figured that out yet, and in almost every action that they've applauded -- from invading a country that had no involvement in 9/11, to torture -- they've been wrong, and actually have helped al Qaeda in its recruitment. Now, they want to treat these nutjobs as war "combatants" -- what next, do we salute them?

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